Automotive interior fabric

The company adopts imported raw materials and advanced production technology to produce automotive interior fabrics with oil, water, light and flame retardant properties. The performance of various technical indicators has reached the international advanced level. The series products have passed the acceptance of the National Torch Program and are included in the national key new products. The company is one of the largest manufacturers of automotive interior fabrics in the country. The market share of automotive interior fabric products ranks among the best in the industry. It has been for SAIC Volkswagen, Shanghai GM, Shanghai Automotive, FAW Volkswagen, Shenlong Automobile, Beijing Hyundai, Great Wall Motor, BYD. Large-scale automobile manufacturers such as Jianghuai Automobile, Geely Automobile, and Chery Automobile are supporting a variety of models and exported to the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries and regions.


Clothing fabric

The company's creative application of imported production equipment, carefully purchasing international high-quality raw materials and dyeing materials, the production of elastic and nylon fabrics to make a variety of swimwear, diving suits, underwear, bras, pajamas ideal fabric, with comfortable wearing, soft touch, recovery The products are easy to absorb sweat and do not produce static electricity. The series products are rated as "high-quality scientific and technological products in Zhejiang Province". The production of mesh and piled warp-knitted fabrics is the best choice for sportswear, gymnastics, skiing, and ball clothing. At present, the series of fabrics produced by the company have passed the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 eco-textile certification, and the quality has reached the international advanced level. The world-class brands such as Adidas are sold in batches and exported to Europe and America.


Medical device products

Shenzhen Weide Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. has developed more than ten kinds of high-tech products, including medical, ultrasonic, computer, computer technology and biomedical engineering technology. The quality inspection of the testing center, all technical indicators are in line with GB10152-1997 "B-type ultrasonic diagnostic equipment" standard, the performance indicators have reached the leading level of domestic products of the same type. The product is suitable for the effective diagnosis of liver, gallbladder, spleen, kidney, pancreas, heart, thyroid, breast, bladder, uterus attachment and other organs of the human body, and has passed the scientific and technological achievements identification and new product and new technology identification of provincial organizations. 

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